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    In the conference, we present four updated technical papers. All the proceeding papers are included in LNCS series 9772: edited by De-Shuang Huang and Kang-Hyun Jo. al. (See and get through http://www.springer.com/kr/book/9783319422930 )

Added 24 July 2016

    In the conference, we have presented two papers by Wahyono. 

Added 24 July 2016

    The 9th International Conference on Human System Interaction (HSI2016) was organized by the University of Portsmouth. It was held in Portsmouth, UK, on July 6-8. This conference mainly covers research topics related to the traditional combination of hardware, software and human factors as well as theories, methods of psychology and communcation. The HSI 2016 conference was co-sponsored by the Industrial Electronic Society and the IEEE.

    The Intelligent Systems Laboratory presented two papers in oral presentation on Wednesday, July 6 from 3:40 p.m. to 6:00 p.m, and one on Thursday 7 from 3:20 p.m. to 4:40 p.m.  The manuscripts entitled: (1) "Building facade detection using geometric planar constraints", (2) "Designing interface and integration framework for multi-channels intelligent surveillance system", and (3) "Robust lane marking detection based on multi-features fusion." Basically the presentation were oriented to bring detail information about the current ongoing results.

    Professor Kang-Hyun Jo gave a special talk on Challenges in Computer Vision Technology in the Near Future at University of Portsmouth.


    14698451585941469845349852During HSI 2016, Portsmouth, one of our ex-member Dr. Prof. Kaushik Deb received a best paper award. It is so happy news. Also we will organize this conference on the next year in our University during July 17-19, 2017. Please see the attached the fist Call for Papers flyer through the official website: http://hsi2017.islab-ulsan.net/ for further upcoming information.

Added 24 July 2016


Added 29 June 2016

    ISLab received best paper & presentation award on ISIE 2016 held in Santa Clara, California

    Ajmal Shahbaz, Danilo Caceres Hernandez, Alexander Filonenko, and Kang-Hyun Jo did a great job!_dsc9566


Added 11 June 2016

    Macrograph company presented its astonishing results on computer graphics used in miltiple well-known films in Asia. The company also creates virtual reality scenes.



Added 27 May 2016

    ISLab presented "Adaptive Frame Rate Streaming Strategy for Intelligent Surveillance System" at ICROS2016


Added 19 March 2016

    The Korea-Japan joint workshop on Frontiers of Computer Vision (FCV) is the exciting chance and place for intercommunication and discussion through many presentations of the advanced researches from the worldwide research communities of computer vision fundamentals and machine vision application systems. The FCV 2016 has been held in Takayama, Japan between February 17-19, 2016.

    There are two papers from ISLab which have been presented during conference in Oral Session:

    1. Gaussian-Polynomial Kernel for Real-time Tracking by Detection Method
      Laksono Kurnianggoro, Joko Hariyono, Hyundeok Kang and Kang-Hyun Jo
    2. Integrating Multiple Tasks of Vision-based Surveillance System: Design and Implementation
      Wahyono, Alexander Filonenko, Joko Hariyono, Ajmal Shahbaz, Hyun-Deok Kang and Kang-Hyun Jo

    ISLab also received Excelent paper award for paper with title "Gaussian-Polynomial Kernel for Real-time Tracking by Detection Method"


Added 20 February 2016

    The lecture was given by Professor Sho Yokota who is a Human Factors chair at IEEE IES


Added 22 February 2016


Added 30 December 2016

    2016 International Wrokshop on Advanced Image Techology (IWAIT 2016) was held in Busan, Korea at January 6 - 8, 2016. In this workshop, all 172 papers from all over the Asia was presented in various areas of image technology. Especially it has special session on medical imaging.

    The presented papers were uploaded at the islab-fs.

    There is one contribution paper from ISLab in poster
    "Comparison of Text Beginning Frame Detection Methods for Robust Overlay Text Recognition"
    (Sanghee Lee, Jungil Ahn, Kanghyun Jo)
Added 08 January 2016


Added 18 December 2015

    2015 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SI International 2015, SII2015) was held in Nagoya, Japan at Dec. 11 - 13, 2015. It was held as the eigth symposium on system integration. This symposium focuses to the new research and industrial application of system integration, and discusses the approach method to improve effectiveness of system integration.

    There is one contribution paper from ISLab:
    1. Joko Hariyono, Ajmal Shahbaz and Kang-Hyun Jo, "Estimation of walking direction for pedestrian path prediction from moving vehicle".
    • Presentation session.


    • Direction to the conference venue.


    • Delegation from University of Ulsan.
Added 13 December 2015

    41st Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society was held in Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan from November 9 to 12, 2015. The three papers were presented.


    1. Dongwook Seo, Danilo Caceres Hernandez, Alexander Filonenko, Kang-Hyun Jo, "Building Detection based on Facet for Urban Reconstruction"

    2. Wahyono Wahyono, Alexander Filonenko, Kanghyun Jo, "Illegally Parked Vehicle Detection Using Adaptive Dual Background Model"

    3. Alexander Filonenko, Danilo Caceres Hernandez, Dongwook Seo, Kang-Hyun Jo, "Real-Time Flood Detection for Video Surveillance"


Added 17 November 2015

    7th International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence Technologies and Applications


    September 21-23, 2015, Madrid, Spain


Added 02 November 2015
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