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Added 16 January 2017


Added 30 December 2016

Added 26 December 2016

    SII2016 was held in Sapporo, Japan from Dec. 13 ~ 15. We had two papers by Wen Lihua and Tang Qing.

    • Wen Lihua, Kang-Hyun Jo, Vehicle Localization and Navigation on Region with Disappeared Lane Line Marking, SII 2016, Sapporo, Japan, Dec 13, 2016 pp.5.
    • Tang Qing, Laksono Kurnianggoro, and Kang-Hyun Jo, Statistical and Geometrical Features for LiDAR-based Vehicle Detection, SII 2016, Sapporo, Japan, Dec 13, 2016.

Added 23 December 2016

Added 21 December 2016

    Dr. Kwang-Hyun Cho (KAIST) presented the overview lecture on System Biology at University of Ulsan.p1p2p3

Added 17 December 2016

     ISLAB contributed 3 papers to the IECON 2016 :

    1. Ajmal Shahbaz et al., Parameter Analysis of Probabilistic Foreground Detector
    2. Joko Hariyono et al., Estimation of Collision Risk for Improving Driver"s Safety
    3. Laksono Kurnianggoro et al., Coarse-to-fine Approach for Fast Correlation-based Visual Tracking



Added 31 October 2016

    ISLab participitated in ICCAS 2016 with 4 contributions. Mr. Joko"s paper was awarded best paper award by Ministry of Science. Congratulations!

    1) Laksono et. al, Dense Optical Flow in Stabilized Scenes for Moving Object Detection from a Moving Camera

    2) Ajmal et. al, A Comparative Study for Foreground Detection using Gaussian Mixture Models-Novice to Novel

    3) Wahyono et. al, Multiple Threading Strategy for Intelligent Surveillance System

    4) Joko et. al, Analysis of Pedestrian Collision Risk using Fuzzy Inference Model






Added 23 October 2016


Added 21 October 2016

    Professor Yoshito Ota from Kyoto University gave lecture on "Inverter Control for Promoting Renewable Energy: Algorithms to Fulfill fault Ride-Through Capability and Voltage Regulation" at University of Ulsan.231

Added 20 October 2016

    ISLAB members received award from Ministry of Trade, Industry and & Energy of Korea from a paper presented in ICCAS 2016 under the title "Analysis of Pedestrian Collision Risk using Fuzzy Inference Model".

    The awardees are listed as follows:

    • Kang-Hyun Jo,
    • Joko Hariyono
    • Laksono Kurnianggoro
    • Wahyono

Added 20 October 2016

    Prof. Kanghyun-Jo received ICROS Academic Award for his contribution for the society. The award has been granted during International Conference on Control, Automation, and System which was held on Gyeongju, Korea, October 17-19, 2016.

    Prof. Kanghyun Jo (left) received Academic Award.

Added 19 October 2016

    SICE2016 was held in Tsukuba, Japan from Sept. 20 ~ 23. We had two papers by Dongwook Seo and Yang Yu.

    • Dongwook Seo, et al., "Compound Road Environment Recognition Method Using Camera and Laser Range Finder", pp. 591.595.
    • Yang Yu and Kang-Hyun Jo, "Real-Time Gesture Recognition and Tracking Based on Gabor Feature and Localized Contour Sequence", pp. 1686-1689.

Added 25 September 2016

    ISLAB members presented 4 contributions to ICT robot conferences:

    • Laksono Kurnianggoro, et al., Comparative Study of Various Machine Learning Algorithms for Object Recognition on Single Scan 2D LIDAR
    • Tang Qing, et al., Vehicle Detection Using LiDAR in Real Road Based on Artificial Neural Network
    • Nguyen Quang Hui, et al., Pedestrians Detection with 2D LIDAR Data
    • Yu Yang, et al., Lane Line Detection based on Inverse Perspective Mapping andFuzzy C-Means

Added 10 September 2016

    Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology

Added 05 September 2016
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