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Prof. Jo, Kang-Hyun, Ph.D., has graduated and obtained the BS from Busan National University and both MS and Ph.D from Osaka University, in 1989, 1993, 1997, respectively. He also experienced in ETRI (Electro-Telecommunication Research Center) as a Post-Doc. Research Fellow during 1997-1998. Since March of 1998, he has served as a Faculty member, now as a Professor, in charging of an Intelligent Systems Lab.

He had served as the vice dean of e-Vehicle Graduate Institute during 2007-2009 and continuously the vice dean of College of Engineering during 2009-2011. He had spent the sabbatical years at KU(Fukuoka) and KIST(Seoul) during 2005-2006, Oregon State University(Corvallis) during 2008 and UCR(Riverside) during 2013-2014 as a visiting professor/researcher.

He has been also serving as a director, officer or AdCom member of many societies, ICROS (Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems), KMMS (Korean Multimedia Society), SICE (Society of Instrumentation and Control Engineers, Japan), as well as IEEE IES (Industrial Electronics Society). He has been also serving as an Associate/Guest Editor for renowned international journals, such as IJCAS(International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems) and TCCI (Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence) and IEEE TII/TIE.

By now he has made a variety of contributions for managing and organizing conferences and other academical gatherings, such as a publication, management or holding chair of ICIC (International Conference on Intelligent Computing, since 2006), ICCAS (International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems, since 2008), and ICCCI (International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence, since 2010) as a steering member. He is also a (senior)member of various societies, IEEE, SICE, IEIE, ICROS, KROS, KMMS, etc.

This is Intelligent Systems Lab., Dept. of Electrical Eng., University of Ulsan.

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