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Signals and systems (ENG)
We learn the basic knowledge on signals and linear systems and also fundamentals like concepts and ideas on the relevant. Especially, we learn and accustom with the time- and frequency-space so that we can understand how to transform each other and its meaning. Furthermore, we should learn how to use the state-of-art tools in Engineering so that we can easily deal with those idea according to the constraints to analyse.

Saturday Seminar
We must understand the other researchers" recent research works while we are pursuing ours as the reference. Thus, we specially set up the time and space to share those ideas with all members of ISLab or the interested in these fields. Most of the reference will be relatively newly published and issued recently.
    Lecture time: saturday 09:00 (120 min);

Signals and systems (KOR)

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Nowadays transportation has been more complex by increasing the population of vehicles in the environment. In order to use the higher dense transportation environment, it is necessary to measure whether the vehicles exist or not and distance between them when they are. It also accommodates the facilities inside of the automobile to improve the usability by the driver and passengers. In the lecture, the functionality and feasibility of the measurement are described and investigated using measured information. Especially, it is addressed the way how to use camera and other multiple sensor information for intelligent transportation systems by improving driver"s usability by traffic sign recognition, drowsiness free, automatic parking lot guidance, etc.

Intelligent system

Pattern recognition
    Lecture time: thursday 09:00 (190 min);

Regular report
Report the previous progress and future plans.
    Lecture time: monday 14:00 (120 min);
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